The Schoolhaus application


So, it’s still unknown at this time as to what might be appropriate content for this Schoolhaus blog. But it seemed appropriate to start by posting about the process of creating Schoolhaus, starting here with the application.

Graphic design job applications are weird enough already. Does one create an elaborate or showy resumé  that reflects their design capabilities, or should it be a kind of formless vessel made for the delivery of “content only”? Of course, when considering an application for, say, a school, that’s a whole other category. These applications are typically soulless institutional forms who’s sole job is to streamline the delivery of your information into a database. The moments that allow one’s personality to show through (letter of intent, anybody?), are banal and predictable at best.

So what do you do when you are creating a kind of small-scale classroom concept like we are with Schoolhaus? Like a formal school we do have very specific goals and information that we need to know from any applicant, but a fill-in-the-blank application like one might find at a university did not make sense at all for Schoolhaus. Of course, we are also in a way hiring students. So, like a resumé or portfolio, we also need to get a good sense of the applicant’s personality. In the end, we came up with a black and white PDF mini-book that is downloaded, printed and assembled by the applicant. The content is somewhat directional to meet our application needs, but leaves a large amount of room available for the potential student to hopefully imbue the application with a bit of themselves. It may walk a thin line between enjoyable and annoying, but that is just the kind of emotional texture that hopefully makes for good learning.

Download the application and check it out for yourself.