Cost is only one among the bevy of issues facing education today. And we’re addressing that issue by working to have our students bear little-to-none of that financial burden. Choosing to pursue a life in art is hard enough without a towering financial barrier to entry. Some of what is produced by our students “pays forward” to help subsidize future Schoolhaus attendees, but we also are in pursuit of donations and grants as well, to help remove all costs off the students’ shoulders. All money go to pay for rent, art equipment and supplies, online subscription and cloud-based services, and director wages. To give you an idea of our costs and scale, $1,200 will pays for one student to attend Schoolhaus for one 12-week session (such as our ‘Schoolhaus / A4′ session.) Each session has a 12 student cap. Therefore, donation totals of $14,400 allow for 12 students to attend a 12-week session absolutely free of charge.

On this Give to the Max Day, nothing would make us happier than to see Schoolhaus completely funded for another A4 session. But anything and everything helps. Every increment of $1,200 is one more student with a free ride at Schoolhaus.

‘Schoolhaus’ and ‘Schoolhaus / A4′ project is sponsored by the St. Paul-based nonprofit arts service organization, Springboard for the Arts. Contributions on behalf of Schoolhaus may be made payable to Springboard for the Arts and are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Below is an available online donation form provided by the Minnesota-based GiveMN. Our Schoolhaus program page and donation form is also available on the GiveMN site HERE. If you are interested in donating to this program, but do not wish to donate online, checks can be made out to “Springboard for the Arts” and sent to the address at the bottom of this page.