Articles, press, and other outside sources of fantastic Schoolhaus relevance.


Pollen Magazine, 2014

“A School for Creative Hyphenates”
Written by: Levi Weinhagen
Photography by: Marie Ketring
Illustration by: Bill Rebholz
A visually lush article and interview with Dan Ibarra regarding the philosophy that drives Schoolhaus, including interviews towards the end with Schoolhaus / A4 members.



Sterling #5 | Summer/Fall 2014

David Bester
This Schoolhaus interview with Dan Ibarra was held during the spring of 2014, just at the tail end of the ‘original recipe’ Schoolhaus, and when conversations between Dan & Zak about producing what would soon come to be called ‘A4′, were just in their infancy



Kickstarter Campaign to fund Schoolhaus / A4
 | July, 2014

We surpassed our financial goal and raised over $10,000 to fund Schoolhaus / A4. This campaign sustained our entire fall 2014 Schoolhaus / A4 session, allowing for all members to attend for free, and helped us to envision the future reality of a small-scale, donation-based Schoolhaus session. This campaign didn’t simply fund our planned goals, it helped us to better understand them.